Broadcast pre-recorded video/audio files from your instagram page as live stories 24/7.

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Broadcasting pre-recorded live videos was never possible before!

What you can do

Broadcast Video Files

InstaTV makes it possible to broadcast video files in any format from your instagram account 24/7.

Broadcast Audio Files

Audio files in any format can be shared in your instagram live story easily.

Broadcast Live Streams

You can broadcast online streams simultaneously from your instagram page. live streaming services like Twitch, Youtube and rtmp/m3u8 links are possible.

Other Features

Unlimited Video Length

There is no limit to any video length that you would like to share. the standard 1-hour limitation for live stories is removed in InstaTV.

Media Playlist

We provide the option for you to create a playlist of several media to be played one after another.

Repeating Playlist

You can enable the repeat option to make your playlist repeat infinitely until you remove it from your live story.

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