Broadcast pre-recorded video/audio files from your instagram page as live stories 24/7.


InstaTV Overview

Broadcast Video / Audio Files

InstaTV makes it possible to broadcast video files in any format from your instagram account 24/7.

Main Features

  • Broadcast Video/Audio files
  • Dedicated RTMP Streaming link (OBS)
  • Scheduling live videos
  • Share to IGTV & post preview
  • Broadcast Live Streams
  • Unlimited Video Length
  • Media Playlist on Cloud
  • Repeating Playlist
  • Control live video: commenting, pinning, ...
  • Audio Visualization

Video or Audio files in any format can be shared in your instagram live story easily.

Dedicated RTMP Streaming link (OBS)

We provide a dedicated and smart RTMP streaming link (rtmp://****) you can use in other streaming softwares. InstaTV handles your live creation and ending automatically. OBS profile is available on the software.


Scheduling live videos

Spend less time streaming and more time engaging by scheduling your Instagram live videos in advance.


Share to IGTV & post preview

by enabling the "share to IGTV" option your Instagram Live can be shared on IGTV as soon as the broadcast is over.


Broadcast Live Streams

You can broadcast online streams simultaneously from your instagram page. you can add RTMP/M3U8 links.


Unlimited Video Length

There is no limit to any video length that you would like to share. the standard 1-hour limitation for live stories is removed in InstaTV.


Media Playlist on Cloud

We provide the option for you to create a playlist of several media to be played one after another. your files will be saved on InstaTV servers.


Repeating Playlist

You can enable the repeat option to make your playlist repeat infinitely until you remove it from your live story.


Control live video

in "live video" tab you can control your live video.

  • commenting
  • pinning comments
  • banning users
  • enabling or disabling comments
  • monitoring vieweres and likes

Audio Visualization

InstaTV automatically generates animated imagery based on a piece of music. once you uploaded a MP3 file you will get an animated live video automatically. using the app you can customize the animations.


What our client say !

Super interested in using InstaTV for our company Instagram, would love to know more about how it works!
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